Commercial Diving Medicals

HSE Approved Medical Examiners


In its Approved Code of Practice (ACoP), the Health and Safety Executive lists five working practices for each area of commercial diving:

  • Offshore commercial
  • Fitness to dive questions
  • Inland commercial
  • Media
  • Archaeology
  • Recreational instructor (note: not sports divers who are not instructors)

If you are involved in these activities, then you are required to undergo an annual HSE Diving Medical with an Approved Medical Examiner. At The Diver Clinic, several of our Doctors offer HSE Diving Medicals direct from their surgeries in Poole. Once assessed, divers passing the medical are given a copy of their certification and the certificate details are lodged with the HSE so they update their register.

What happens during a medical?

The examining Doctor will:

  • Check personal details and previous medicals/dive log book (where applicable)
  • Conduct an examination, including hearing test, visual test, lung test (spirometry), heart trace (ECG), urine analysis and 3 minute fitness test
  • Initial examination also requires assessing a full blood count, which will be carried out by your HSE Diving Medical Examiner
  • Examination will last approximately 1 hour

To assist in processing your medical, it is helpful if you can fill out Annexe A of the HSE publication ‘Medical Examination and Assessment of Divers (MA1)’ (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader) and have your GP countersign it.

Please bring any previous medicals, log books, proof of identity (such as passport or driving licence), dive qualifications and clothing suitable for the exercise test.

Initial HSE Medicals require a few further tests and also therefore cost a little more.

Please note that further tests will incur further costs, but will only be recommended where necessary and discussed with you.

HSE Diving Medicals in Poole can be booked on 01202 741370

Sport Diving Medicals

UKDMC Approved Examiners


A UK Sport Diver Medical Form is used annually for divers to self-certify on completion of the form.  Answering yes to any of the questions, or having had a previous episode of decompression illness or change in medical circumstances can trigger a need to see a UK Diving Medical Referee.

This scheme is different to the HSE Approved Medical Examiner commercial diving medical and you will need to see a Sport Diving Medical Referee. Some of our Doctors are able to offer this direct in Poole from their own premises.

What happens during a medical?

The examining Doctor will:

  • Review your Diver Medical Health Questionnaire answers with you
  • Review your medical history and any medication
  • In divers with asthma a lung function test may be carried out
  • Refer you for further follow up tests if required

Find the contact details of your nearest Medical Referee on

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