NHS treatment of decompression sickness symptoms, Poole and Reading

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NHS treatment, decompression sickness symptoms, Poole and Reading


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Hyperbaric Chamber and Recompression Services in Poole and Reading

Welcome to The Diver Clinic!

We provide a recompression service for divers with decompression illness (the bends). If you wish to contact us concerning symptoms, our hyperbaric chamber or the medical treatment of diving injuries, please call our emergency number shown above.

As a specialist diver treatment centre we keep a unique record of the medical problems encountered by divers. Our hyperbaric chambers, based in Poole, Dorset and Reading, Berkshire, treat divers transferred by helicopter directly from the dive site. In addition we treat divers with delayed symptoms in our hyperbaric chambers too. Throughout this site we aim to inform and pass back some of the knowledge gained in order to:

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